Save the NIGHTCLUB! “The NFT Records presents ““SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC””, a club scene support project tying up NFTs with events to be launched! NFT & online event & real event awaits!

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The NFT Records presents『SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC』
The NFT Records presents『SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC』

Save the club! “The NFT Records presents ““SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC””, a club scene support project tying up NFTs with events to be launched! NFT & online event & real event t awaits!

Resident DJs of famous clubs in Tokyo “Drop”s new NFT pieces on "The NFT Records" on October 8th, 2021 to support the clubs. Also an online release event will be held on the LINE official account "CLUB Channel" on the same day, as well as a real release event held at “TK NIGHT CLUB” on October 26th!

In "SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC" project, new songs by domestic top DJs including Daishi Dance and tAisuke, in addition to the resident DJs (club's regular DJ) of clubs in Tokyo, will be released as official NFT pieces starting noon on October 8th, 2021 at NFT Marketplace "The NFT Records".

From 20:00 on October 8th, there will be an online release event "SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC" on the LINE official account "CLUB Channel". This will be the world's first online launch event joining NFT and event together! By following the official LINE account "CLUB Channel", you will be able to join the event for free.

DAISHI DANCE, KDH & Miki, KIYOTO, YOSEEK will be performing the new songs released as NFTs in the event. Part of the event will be distributed from DAISHI DANCE's official YouTube account as well.

Furthermore, real release event will be held at night club "TK NIGHT CLUB" (Shibuya, Tokyo) with thorough measurement on COVID-19, on October 26th. KIYOTO and TAIGA, releasing their NFT pieces, will be performing in the event.

We will support the club scene with the world's first attempt linking NFT, streaming and real event.

* Part of the proceeds from “The NFT Records presents ““SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC”” project will be used to support the clubs.

Artist's Comment by DAISHI DANCE



Participating artists and products are planned as follows (in alphabetical order).

【Limited Edition】BASSLOT's first album "1st Anniversary"
【Limited Edition】BASSLOT's first album "1st Anniversary"

【Limited Edition】BASSLOT's first album "1st Anniversary"
Sale Period : from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 29th NOON (JST)
100 items limited sale : 15USD

Unreleased songs to be advance delivered by NFT!

Artists :
Event focusing on BASS MUSIC by artists performing both domestically and internationally.

【Limited Edition】DAISHI DANCE & NORII "AREA51" and more
【Limited Edition】DAISHI DANCE & NORII "AREA51" and more

【Limited Edition】DAISHI DANCE & NORII "AREA51"
Sale Period : from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 29th NOON (JST)
200 items limited sale : 10USD

And Special set with T-shirts/Hoodie (custom made), from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 15th NOON (JST)

Artists :
DJ / PRODUCER based in Sapporo. Centering on the most uplifting dance music of the era, from TRIBAL, OLDSCHOOL, MELODIC HOUSE to massive EDM, his unique play style crossing various genres making full use of 4 CDJs creates drastic peak times and unity.
As a producer, he is characterized by producing melodic songs centered on piano and strings. Since making his simultaneous debut in Japan and South Korea with "the P.I.A.N.O. set" in 2006, he has released many albums at a high pace, totaling in 100 albums as of today and has recorded sales of over 10,000 copies. Among them, the album "the Ghibli set" series, which house-covered the masterpieces of Studio Ghibli's works, became an exceptional blockbuster and a phenomenal long sale, and made "DAISHI DANCE" known widely beyond the framework of club scenes. The collaboration between his unique melancholy melody and traditional Japanese musical instruments is also a major feature of his music. He is also active in releasing from international labels, producing and collaborating with various artists in Japan and overseas. He provides many songs not only to J-POP artists but also to overseas artists such as BIGBANG's Haru Haru and MY HEAVEN.
He is also working on providing music to the art works of digital art group utilizing latest technologies "teamLab" and utilizes YouTube to distribute DJs from local tourist attractions and nature in Hokkaido.

DJ / PRODUCER from Hokkaido, centers on HOUSE MUSIC.
Founded Japan's first free download label "SINKA RECORDS" in 2016.

Moved to Madrid, Spain from January to September 2020 toto improve his music production skills. Currently lives in Japan. Has released original songs on many overseas labels and is supported by EDM top stars and legendary HOUSE DJs.

【Limited Edition】KIYOTO & TAIGA "Bass In The Place"
【Limited Edition】KIYOTO & TAIGA "Bass In The Place"

【Limited Edition】KIYOTO & TAIGA "Bass In The Place"
Sale Period : from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 29th NOON (JST)
50 items limited sale : 20USD

Unreleased songs to be advance delivered by NFT!

Artists : KIYOTO & TAIGA
Director and MAIN DJ of the popular nightclub "TK NIGHT CLUB" (ex.T2 SHIBUYA),the largest one-floor club in Shibuya. He handles from event production to resident DJs on each day of the week, and has been playing DJ as a support act for many overseas artists. He has also been active as a DJ overseas, and has played with many overseas clubs, mainly in Asia, such as South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Having TK NIGHT CLUB as his resident club in Japan, he has been active in the mainstream scene such as in ULTRA JAPAN 18'19 and in numerous festivals. Released his own original track "Haunted" from DimitriVegas and LikeMike's new label "Generation Smash" in April 2020 as a first Japanese artist. He is also actively releasing original tracks, supported by many producers such as DV&LM and Timmy Trumpet. He is one of the DJs who fascinates daily club audience in Tokyo with his creative talent and his extraordinary flair.

Has challenged various musical activities from his childhood and started his career as a professional DJ in 2011. His outstanding musical sense cultivated in his childhood has a great reputation for skillful play making full use of clutches and CDJs, and he continues to appear in nationwide high-end nightclubs, mainly in Tokyo. He has also performed at overseas festivals as well as EDC JAPAN, the largest dance music festival in the United States "Electric Daisy Carnival" held in Japan. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of her professional DJ debut this year, he plans to release original songs and to host Resident Parties. He is surely one of the DJs with a promising future.

【Limited Edition】KDH & Miki "TRUE"
【Limited Edition】KDH & Miki "TRUE"

【Limited Edition】KDH & Miki "TRUE"
Sale Period : from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 29th NOON (JST)
50 items limited sale : 10USD

Unreleased songs to be advance delivered by NFT!

Artists :
A Korean-born DJ and producer, KDH started DJing in Japan in 2013 and is currently an organizer and DJ for numerous parties, mainly in Roppongi and Shibuya, Tokyo. As a DJ, he frequently makes guest appearances not only in residents in Tokyo but also in large clubs and local clubs. Resonates his groove over Japan with uplifting MIX interweaving multi genres but especially BASS and Bounce, his specialties.
His momentum does not stop in Japan alone. From the beginning of his activities, he has been called as a guest DJ in his home country Korea, playing in many large clubs in Seoul and other cities recently.
He also acts as a producer and has released several original songs mainly on Bounce, gained popularity in Tokyo and Korea. His signature song "Someone like you" was released on the world-famous "Generation Smash" label and is supported by well-known artists such as Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like mike and David Guetta, and "Forever", "Say Yeah" are his popular songs that liven up audiences. He is a DJ with a promising future.

[Miki (EMKAY)]
While still young, appointed as a resident DJ of SEL OCTAGON TOKYO, a large club in Roppongi, since January 2020,

From around the same time, he started producing music under the name of "Miki" and released his first original song "Can't Let You Go --KDH, Miki & TOYMATZ" from Complex Drop Records in Latin America in September 2021.
He is still energetically producing music, and is expected to make a leap forward.

Utilizing the on-site intuition cultivated through DJ activities and the knowledge gained from music production, he plays around four-on-the-floor such as Future House and Progressive House, but his outstanding strength with high reputation is the responsiveness honed from his experience as a resident DJ.

He is one of the next generation DJs who has gained support not only from men but also from women with his powerful and reliable groove and refreshing looks.

【Limited Edition】tAisuke "SIXXX"
【Limited Edition】tAisuke "SIXXX"

【Limited Edition】tAisuke "SIXXX"
Sale Period : from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 29th NOON (JST)
1 item limited sale : 6600USD

tAisuke's unreleased piece sold as NFT to limited 1 customer.

Artist :
Starting his DJ career based in Tokyo in early 2000, after performing in various areas in Japan and abroad, mastered his outstanding DJ skills.
Many audiences are fascinated by his technique to handle all HOUSE, ELECTRO, TECHNO, overwhelming performance and his groovy sound, appealing to the five senses. Went widely on media including guest appearance on TV Tokyo [A×A] for three consecutive nights in 2009.
As a DJ, listed his name with famous artists such as TOWA TEI, DAISHI DANCE, ☆ Taku Takahashi, GENKI ROCKETS, MITOMI TOKOTO, MAKAI, AMI SUZUKI, and with BAYSIDE YOKOHAMA, ageHa, WOMB, camelot in avex's housenation. Also plays in his hometown, Niigata prefecture. He acted as a sound coordinator for Kobe Collection 09 S/S and stages of DEARA&gabriel, as well as producing their afterparties.
His original pieces made by his experience co-starring with various overseas artists, and energetically taking in new ideas, topped the iTunes dance chart. He continues to lead the Japanese club music scene with his wide activity.

【Limited Edition】YOSEEK & OHC Collaborate with NY_ "What A Feeling feat. JUNON"
【Limited Edition】YOSEEK & OHC Collaborate with NY_ "What A Feeling feat. JUNON"

【Limited Edition】YOSEEK & OHC Collaborate with NY_ "What A Feeling feat. JUNON"
Sale Period : from Oct 8th NOON (JST) to OCT 29th NOON (JST)
50 items limited sale : 40USD

Unreleased song to be advance-delivered by NFT

Artists :
Has been appointed as the resident DJ of "CLUB CAMELOT" in Shibuya, Tokyo, which accommodates annual 300,000 audiences, since 2016. He DJs in front of 3,000 people every weekend and rocks many people as the center-existence of CLUB CAMELOT. In 2018, he made his first appearance in Ultra Japan 2018, and in the latter half of that year, he won the second place in the DJ MAG JAPAN U-29 DJ category, and made his name known nationwide. He appeared in Ultra Korea 2019 and Ultra Japan 2019 in 2019 and is energetically performing not only in clubs but also in music festivals. He is energetic not only as a DJ but also in the field of music production, releasing his first original song "Deja vu" in July 2017 and his 2nd single "In The Place" in April 2018. He went on a nationwide release tour with this 2nd single and has appeared in major nightclubs in Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya, ending the tour in a success. In "Ignite" produced at the end of 2018, he signed with his first overseas label "Peak Hour Music" and ranked in the genre chart of the world-famous dance music specialty site "Beatport". In 2019, he produced collaborative songs with Miami-born artist and model Celine Farach and others in a row. In "I'm So Happy feat. Yoseek & HarukiD" produced with iamSHUM, he won first place in the first appearance on the iTunes dance chart. He again won the first in first appearance on the iTunes dance chart with the 7th single "Another Day" released in June 2020, which made two consecutive songs to win first place in the first appearance. He announced to donate part of the sales of this "Another Day" to medical professionals working at the forefront of COVID-19. And in February 2021, he released his first album "HIGHER" and won first place in the first appearance on the iTunes dance chart.

Started composing, live performance and DJ activities in earnest in 2004.
By the mega-hit of his debut song "BEAT!" which is still being played as a legendary peak anthem, he suddenly became the frontrunner in the Japanese dance music scene.
Released long-awaited first album "BEAT!" from avex in August 2005, gaining more attention as a next generation hit maker.
Also produced theme songs for "a-nation", the music festival hosted by avex, for two consecutive years.

As a music producer able to handle various genres, he currently provides songs and remix to various artists such as:
EXILE, May.J, Kumi Koda, Ami Suzuki, TRF, SPEED, Girl Next Door, Thelma Aoyama, BoA, BENI, oulja, NERDHEAD, Tackey & Tsubasa, V6, Sayuri Kokusho, Kenji Hayashida, UVER WORLD, etc.
In 2010, he appeared as the top batter of "Popteen Festival" with 20,000 audiences at Yoyogi Gymnasium and played with AKB48 and Kana Nishino.
Since 2011, he has served as a sound producer of underground idol unit "Idol College", sold 30,000 CDs, won the 9th place on the Oricon chart and led them to major debut.

He teamed up with his ally DJ KAYA, who is also a producer of CTS in 2013, and all produced songs ranking high on the overall chart.
In 2017, attended in full production of the theme song "Rainbow Rain" for Fuji TV drama "Kimi wa Pet" by Yumemiru Adolescence.
Involved in the development of "Bahamut Disco" by Square Enix, the VR attraction in Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch.
Supported the Tokyo Girls Collection ~Matsuri~ held in Osaka in October, then supervised music of "Nunuko's Holy War" in November 2018.

Arranged the ending song "Wow War Tonight" of hot animation "D4DJ" in 2020 and provided music for DAZN J League official opening video in 2021.

He has produced well over 1000 songs to date, and there is no sign of production offers from companies and artists decreasing.

Media artist, director (TV animation, commercials, movie trailers, etc.). Has been producing media art "Moving Sumie" since 2010. Exhibited works overseas and sold at department stores. Currently producing NFT Art.
Challenging to create new value by giving existing-value as an "object" to "movie", a temporary existence.

About EVENTs

1)The NFT Records presents『SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC』Online Release Event
Date: scheduled from Oct 8th, 20:00 (JST)
DAISHI DANCE's Official YouTube Channel

2)The NFT Records presents『SAVE THE CLUB MUSIC』Release Event
Date: scheduled from Oct 26th, 22:00 (JST)
Artists: KIYOTO & TAIGA and more...(planned)

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