High-Quality Bilingual Video Content Production Only for ¥100,000!

PBMC 10th Anniversary Thank You Campaign

Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting Co., Ltd. (PBMC) celebrated its 10th Anniversary at the end of this past June.

In commemoration of our 10th Anniversary, we've launched the “PBMC 10th Anniversary 10X10 Thank You Campaign,” which will offer up to 10 companies the production and distribution of a high-quality bilingual video content only for 100,000 yen (or 10-man yen)!

This is a limited-time campaign that will only last until the end of August.

For the first 10 clients to sign up, we will provide high-quality news-style video production in English (or Japanese) along with its social media distribution, usually costing ¥700,000, at a heavily discounted rate of ¥100,000. The shooting and production will be done by professional crews who have had experience working for international news organizations and overseas markets.

The 60-90 second content produced during this campaign can be distributed, free of charge, on our SNS news channel for overseas audiences and foreign residents in Japan. The content may be also used freely on the client's own website or social media channels.

Why don’t you take this once-in-a-decade opportunity to promote your company’s products and services, your messages, your ideas, and distribute them to Japan and the world in Video?

Because our high-quality content is recognized and trusted around the world, this is a rare opportunity to get it at such a low cost. So please feel free to contact us soon!

In addition, a referral campaign is also underway. If a customer you introduce to us confirms a contract, we will send you a Starbucks gift card worth ¥10,000!

Special production of high-quality video packages at an exceptional price: ¥100,000 X 10 clients

A service that normally costs ¥700,000 → reduced to only ¥100,000! (Limited to the first 10 clients)

Period: From 15th July to 31st August, 2020
Content: Video production in Japanese or English (Guaranteed video news quality of AP/Reuters distribution level)

Details (the following services are included in the campaign price)

・1 day of shooting (in or near Tokyo)
・English manuscript preparation
・Camera and equipment cost
・Bilingual interviews, shooting and interview crew
・60-90 seconds news style editing (one language)
・English (or Japanese) subtitles or narration
・Background Music
・Free promotion on SNS English media “Japan Headlines”, which boasts over 200,000 followers (guaranteed at least 10,000 views)

*The created content can be used freely on social media and in-house sites

Optional services (additional charges will be added)

・Video News Release (VNR) distribution to domestic and overseas markets
・Post content on leading online media (domestic and overseas)
・Video advertisement target delivery
・Multilingual content (Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.), additional editing in the second and subsequent languages
・Article text writing
・Landing page/website production
・Animation and CG production
・Shooting than the suburbs of Tokyo
・Shoots for 2 or more days

Referral Campaign

→ If you introduce a new customer, you will receive a special Pacific Bridge ballpoint pen as a gift!

→ If the customer you introduce to us confirms a contract, you will receive a Starbucks gift card (or a meal ticket at a PBMC staff/recommended store) worth ¥10,000!


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