From Atmoph, new Views of the City Sample, a 3D virtual city in Unreal Engine 5, filmed by in-game photographer Petri Levälahti

Atmoph Inc. (location: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Japan; CEO: Kyohi Kang; hereinafter referred to as “Atmoph”) developers and suppliers of the Atmoph Window 2, have released their new View “The City” today, Tuesday, May 31, 2022, depicting a virtual city filmed by Petri Levälahti, one of the only in-game photographers in the world, using assets from the City Sample on Unreal Engine 5, released for free by Epic Games.

Set in a virtual city with towering skyscrapers and traffic flowing across intersecting freeways that you can hardly tell from the real thing, this view utilizes the City Sample, the free 3D asset released by Epic Games. In addition to the real-life views of 1,200 locations from countries all over the world, Atmoph is revitalizing your everyday view with works under licensing contracts with global companies and original CG creations of fantasy worlds.

Beginning in May 2022, the release of World of Dinosaurs marked Atmoph Studios first foray into original virtual worlds that unfold just outside your window, synchronizing the virtual and the real with views that let you experience the future.

Atmoph’s newest release consists of eight Views using the 3D world from the City Sample filmed by Mr. Petri Levälahti, a prolific world-spanning in-game photographer.

Highlights of the Views

These Views were filmed entirely by Mr. Petri Levälahti, one of the few in-game photographers in the world, exclusively for Atmoph. The composition, human-like perspective and field of view have all been taken into consideration and filmed so that you feel as if you’re really looking out your window.

The City Sample is a 3D world based on the tech demo “The Matrix Awakens”, reproducing the world of “The Matrix” film series in Unreal Engine 5. All the details of the big city are displayed vividly - the passing cars, the crowds of people and packed buildings - even the textures are indistinguishable from the real things.

※ Unreal Engine is a trademark and registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and other countries.

Petri Levälahti

In-game photographer. Based out of the head office in Stockholm, he works as a Screenshot Capture Artist for EA DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE).

Major Works:

The Future of Atmoph

Atmoph is looking to create a new interface for the family via the window of the future. This window will invoke a sense of freedom, make valuable connections between its users, show a multitude of people the same view all at once, give users the ability to see all over the world in real time via live streaming, and so much more. Through these built-in features, everyone can share the same View at the same time.

Through Atmoph Studios, Atmoph is developing original CG worlds, not only giving users new experiences, but syncing the real and virtual worlds together, even allowing users to engage in these free and open spaces. And at the same time, by maintaining our core values to provide our users with views from all over the world that make you think “I’d like to go there”, we’re stoking their adventurous spirits and their yearning to journey to places they have not yet been able to know for themselves.

About the Atmoph Window 2

The Atmoph Window 2 brings a sense of freedom and relaxation to the rooms of users everywhere with Atmoph’s original Views, using 4K and 6K footage and real-to-life sound. Atmoph raised a total of 100 million yen through crowdfunding campaigns through Indiegogo and Makuake in 2019.

As the demand for remote work grows, the Atmoph Window 2 combines not just views from a window that invoke the feeling of what you would see on your travels, but also features that each user will find useful in their everyday life, such as Google Calendar synchronization, alerts you can set to be synced to your daily routine, and more.

Atmoph Window 2 is the window, evolved - kept up-to-date with software updates throughout the year, including a long-awaited new feature, allowing you to upload Views you filmed yourself and Gesture with Camera Module in March 2022. Atmoph continues to deliver updates to bring users new features and experiences.